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IoC (based on Jan-23) 02/15/2023 02/28/2023 106.0 90.1 Common 0.063772 0.054206  10/18/2023
IoC (based on Fev-23) 03/15/2023 03/31/2023 290.0 246.5 Common 0.174526 0.148347 10/18/2023
IoC (based on Apr-23) 05/15/2023 05/31/2023 320.0 272.0 Common 0.192782 0.163864  04/23/2024
IoC (based on Jun-23) 07/17/2023 07/31/2023 405.0 344.3 Common 0.244259 0.207620 04/23/2024
IoC (based on Jul-23) 08/15/2023 08/31/2023 265.0 225.3 Common 0.159970 0.135975 04/23/2024
IoC (based on Jul-23) 09/11/2023 09/22/2023 200.0 170.0 Common 0.120732 0.102623 04/23/2024
IoC (based on Aug-23) 10/10/2023 10/23/2023 150.0 127.5 Common 0.090575 0.076989 04/23/2024
IoC (based on Nov-23) 12/14/2023 12/26/2023 850.0 722.5 Common 0.514346 0.437194 04/23/2024

TOTAL SHAREHOLDER RETURN (TSR) 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
29.2% 16.3% 3.6% 33.4% -13.5% 11.1% 14.1%

Article 24 – Together with the financial statements, the Board of Directors shall present to the Ordinary General Meeting a proposal on (i) the participation of employees and officers and directors in profits and (ii) full allocation of net income.

Paragraph 1 – Of the net income for the fiscal year: (i) five percent (5%) shall be allocated to the legal reserve, aiming at ensuring the physical integrity of the capital stock, limited to twenty percent (20%) of the paid-up capital stock; (ii) twenty-five percent (25%) of the adjusted net income as per subsections II and III of article 202 of Law No. 6,404/76 shall be mandatorily distributed as a minimum mandatory dividend to all shareholders; and (iii) the remaining balance, after meeting the provisions contained in the preceding items of this article, shall be allocated as determined by the General Meeting of Shareholders, based on the proposal of the Board of Directors contained in the financial statements. Should the balance of the profit reserves exceed the capital stock, the General Meeting of Shareholders shall resolve on the use of the excess in the payment or increase of the capital stock or distribution of additional dividends to shareholders.

Paragraph 2 – The dividends not claimed within three (3) years, counted from the resolution regarding the distribution thereof, shall revert to the Company.

Article 25 – The Company may declare, by resolution of the Board of Directors, dividends: (i) to the profit account ascertained in half-yearly balance sheets; (ii) to the profit account ascertained in quarterly balance sheets or in shorter periods, provided that the total of the dividends paid in each half-year of the fiscal year does not exceed the amount of capital reserves referred to in the first paragraph of article 182 of Law 6,404/76, or (iii) to the retained earnings or profit reserves account existing in the last annual or half-yearly balance sheet.

Sole Paragraph – Interim dividends distributed under the terms of this article shall be imputed to the mandatory minimum dividend.

Article 26 – By resolution of the Board of Directors and in compliance with the legal provisions, the Company may pay its shareholders interest on equity, which may be charged to the mandatory minimum dividend, “ad referendum” of the general meeting.

Updated on August 23, 2021.