Our History


Vivo received close to 12 million clients, 43MHz in spectrum with national coverage and 2.7k sites that reinforce our capacity and network coverage, due to the acquisition of Oi Mobile. Still in 2022, we reached the historic mark of 100 million total accesses, becoming the largest Telecom of Brazil’s history.


We actively participated in Anatel’s 5G radiofrequencies auction, thus guaranteeing the necessary spectrum for developing the technology providing our customers with the 5G.


We converted our preferred shares (VIVT4) into common shares (VIVT3), only trading common shares. In the same year, we were declared as one of the winners of the auction for Oi’s Mobile Assets.


We bought Global Village Telecom (GVT), reinforcing our fixed network offer outside of São Paulo state.


Vivo brand began being used as our commercial brand throughout Brazil, offering fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and pay TV services.


We went from Telecomunicações de São Paulo S.A. (B3: TLPP3 & TLPP4) to Telefônica Brasil S.A. (B3: VIVT3 & VIVT4). In the New York Stock Exchange, our ticker changed from TSP to VIV.


Telefónica bought 100% of Vivo Participações S.A. shares owned by Portugal Telecom, becoming the telecom market leader in Brazil.


We began our history in Brazil in 1998, when Telesp – a state-owned telecommunications company of the Telebrás System – was privatized and bought by Telefónica, creating what later would become Telefônica Brasil.