Privacy Policy

Telefônica Brasil S.A. respects the preferences related to the treatment of the personal data of all its holders, including its investors. This Data Protection and Privacy Policy was created considering the interactions and communications that Investors may carry out with Telefônica Brasil S.A., including in meeting their requests. By continuing to browse this website and considering the information provided below, the user declares to be aware of our Privacy Policy and other information about how Telefônica Brasil SA treats personal data, available in our Privacy Center and in our General Privacy Policy.

You can visit our website and read about the products and services we offer, have access to the Company’s operating and financial public information, obtain information about the shares, estimates of market analysts, among others, without giving us any information about itself. If you provide any information, this document seeks to clarify how Telefônica Brasil S.A. treats your personal data:

1. Personal data made available by users will be collected through ethical and legal means, considering that Telefônica Brasil S.A. treats personal data in strict accordance with the applicable legislation, in particular, with Law 13.709 / 2018 (General Data Protection Law).

2. Telefônica Brasil S.A. adopts all robust security measures to prevent any incident, using resources to identify and correct vulnerabilities that could put users’ privacy at risk. The personal data collected will be treated aiming at the confidentiality and integrity of the processed information.

3. Before the moment of collection, users will be notified of what information will be treated by Telefônica Brasil S.A., and the user will be able to consent or not, with the provision of this information.

4. Personal data made available by users will be stored by Telefônica Brasil S.A. for the necessary period and according to the purposes for which they were collected. This information will be stored for the duration of the relationship between Telefônica Brasil S.A. and users.

5. Our website contains links to other external websites whose content and privacy policies are not the responsibility of the Company.

6. For the functioning of our website and to make our interaction with users possible, Telefônica Brasil S.A. may share some personal data of users with other companies, which are our partnerships and assist us in our activities. Don’t worry, because Telefônica Brasil S.A. acts in a careful and active way in selecting its partners, always worrying about keeping your information safe and demanding that these partners adopt the best and most effective measures to preserve your privacy.

7. For operational purposes and to provide a more personalized, fast and efficient experience, we may use “cookies” (small files or metadata packages that temporarily store some information about what you are looking for on our website and your browsing preferences). The use of cookies can be managed independently by users at any time, being possible to choose to clear the navigation data after the end of the visit on our website.

8. In case of doubts or to exercise your rights established by the applicable legislation, contact us by e-mail [email protected] or access our Privacy Center.

We recommend the constant consultation of this policy, which is subject to possible changes, taking into account the applicable legislation and the organizational changes that occur at any time, in order to maintain its relevance and effectiveness.

Updated on February 2, 2021.