Corporate Profile

Telefônica Brasil S.A. is the largest telecommunication company in the country, with presence in the entire Brazilian territory with a complete and convergent portfolio of products (fixed and mobile voice, fixed and mobile broadband, ultra-broadband, data and digital services, pay TV and IT), with more than 95 million customers in the end of 2018, being 73 million customers in mobile operation and 22 million customers in fixed operation.

With a data-centric strategy, the Company owns an unique and irreplicable assets, which in the mobile operation counts with spectrum frequencies such as 700MHz, 1,800MHz and 2,500MHz, which contribute for us to cover 88.0% of the population with 4G, standing in 3,100 cities, in addition to the accelerated launch of cities with the 4.5G network in 2018, reaching 1,000 cities through the carrier aggregation technology, which has been reinforced by the refarming of the frequencies that were previously used for the 2G, maintaining the differentiation of our network in relation to the main competitors.

In the fixed operation, we closed 2018 with almost 20 million homes-passed (HPs) with fiber optic technology distributed in 241 cities, of which almost 9 million HPs (121 cities) are FTTH (fiber to the home). In addition, all cities with FTTH technology also offer TV over fiber (IPTV), aiming to offer the best speed and experience to our consumers.

We are a publicly-held Company whose controlling shareholder is the Telefónica Group, a Spanish group with more than 90 years of operations which is one of the largest communications conglomerates in the world, with presence in 16 countries, 336 million accesses, approximately 122 thousand employees and revenues of 48.7 billion euros (2018). The Telefónica Group operates in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries through the Movistar brand, in Germany and England through the O2 brand, and in Brazil through the Vivo brand.

Updated on April 16, 2019.