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We are Telefônica Brasil S.A., holder of the Vivo brand and the largest telecommunications company in the country, with 33 thousand direct employees, 101 thousand allies, as we call our service providers and contractors, and 112 million accesses in the mobile and fixed operation.

Our purpose is to “Digitalize to bring closer”, which reinforces our commitment to bring quality connection and digital inclusion to people and companies across the national territory, as we believe that connectivity is the gateway to the digital world and can generate many opportunities for all.

We offer our customers a complete product portfolio, including voice services (fixed and mobile), mobile data, fixed broadband, ultra broadband, pay TV, information technology and digital services (such as financial services, cloud and entertainment and security).

We continue with absolute leadership in the mobile segment, in which we have 97 million lines in operation, corresponding to 38.1% of the total active lines in Brazil. We covered 95.2% of the population with the 4G network and 85.5% of the population with the 4.5G network, maintaining the differentiation of our network in relation to the main competitors.

In the fixed operation, we reached in March 2022 with 20.5 million homes-passed (HPs) with fiber optic technology to the client's home (FTTH) in 341 cities. In addition, all cities with FTTH technology also offer TV over fiber (IPTV), aiming to offer the best speed and experience to our consumers.

We are a publicly traded company with common shares listed on B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, with the ticker VIVT3, and on the New York Stock Exchange, through the trading of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), under the code VIV.

Our controller is the Telefónica Group, one of the largest telecommunications conglomerates in the world, present in 12 countries in Europe and Latin America.


Our Purpose

Digitalize to bring closer


Strategic Pillars


For any kind of connection that our customers need, we want Vivo to always be the best alternative 


Ensure that everything technology-related can be found at Vivo


Digitalizing and bringing our customers and society together is only possible if we have this culture at home


We need to have a conscious look at our impacts and the consequences of hyperconnectivity, to always remain relevant

Updated on June 23, 2022.