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Our Board of Directors is composed of 12 members elected by the Shareholders' General Meeting for a term of three years, and re-election is permitted. This body is assisted by four non-statutory committees.

Our structure also has a Statutory Board composed of three members, elected by the Board of Directors, for a term of three years, and re-election is permitted.

The Company also has a Fiscal Council, which is permanent, consisting of three effective members and three alternate members, elected by the General Shareholders' Meeting, for a term of one year, and re-election is permitted.

Governance Structure

Statutory Board

Christian Mauad Gebara Chief Executive Officer
David Melcon Sanchez-Friera Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Breno Rodrigo Pacheco de Oliveira General Secretary and Legal Officer


Board of Directors

Eduardo Navarro de Carvalho Chairman
Christian Mauad Gebara Director
Claudia Maria Costin Independent Director
Ignácio Moreno Martínez Independent Director
Francisco Javier de Paz Mancho Independent Director
Alfredo Arahuetes García Independent Director
Ana Theresa Borsari Independent Director
Solange Sobral Targa Independent Director
Jordi Gual Solé Independent Director
Andrea Capelo Pinheiro Independent Director
José María Del Rey Osorio Independent Director
Juan Carlos Ros Brugueras Independent Director


Fiscal Board

Charles Edwards Allen Effective Member
Cremênio Medola Netto Effective Member
Gabriela Soares Pedercini Effective Member
Alexandre Pedercini Issa Alternate
Juarez Rosa da Silva Alternate
Stael Prata Silva Filho Alternate

Updated on May 9, 2022.