Vision and Values

Our Vision

Digital life is the life we know, because technology is already part of the human being essence.

We want to create, protect, and empower life's possible connections so that people choose what really matters in a world of endless possibilities.

We want to be an ONLIFE TELCO, a telco for people, a telco for your life.

Our Values

Our values define us and guide everything we do. They tell us how we are and how we want to be. They shape our attitude:


Our integrity implies that we act in accordance with ethical standards that are non-negotiable.


The relationship we maintain with each of our interest groups is based on a commitment to always act responsibly and to fulfill what was promised.


We commit ourselves so that our clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society in general have clear and accessible information about our strategy and our activities and that they can, at any moment, make inquiries about the doubts or questions.

Updated on May 25, 2018.