At Telefonica, we know that if we are not sustainable, we will not survive in the long-term. Therefore, there is no separation between our strategy of growth and generation of value. Our Responsible Business Plan and the commitments to the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Objectives make clear the centrality of sustainability in our management.

Our business model is based on generating value for all our internal and external public, for society and for the environment.

Our ability to generate socio-environmental value and positive impact lies in the very nature of the business, which is based on providing quality connection for people and companies throughout Brazil. In this way, we help bring development to the most remote places of the country, connect homes, companies, schools, hospitals and prefectures in the digital world.

Our sustainability strategy is deployed in a series of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our operation. We have achieved important advances in energy efficiency, so that, even with the increasing consumption of data, energy consumption remains at controlled levels. In addition to seeking to use more and more renewable sources, reducing our emissions.

Annually, we publish the Sustainability Report of Telefônica Brasil. This is the document that presents, in a clear and transparent way, how our strategy and operation generated value for our various stakeholders in the last year. We have the full version and the version for investors, which are available in an interactive way, through the link below, or through the download of the files.

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Updated on June 23, 2020.