Dividend Information

In conformity with our Articles of Incorporation

Article 7 – Preferred shares are not entitled to vote, except for the assumptions provided for in Articles 9 and 10 below, ensuring them priority in capital reimbursement, without premium, and to receive dividend ten per cent (10%) higher than that one assigned to each common share.

Sole Paragraph – Full voting right will be granted to preferred shares, should the Company fail to pay the minimum dividends to which these shares are entitled during three (3) consecutive fiscal years, right that will prevail until payment of dividends.

Article 26 – Together with the financial statements, the Board of Directors shall submit to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting a proposal for (i) Management and employees profit sharing and (ii) the full allocation of net income.

Paragraph 1 – Out of net income for the year: (i) five percent (5%) shall be set aside to  legal reserve, aiming at ensuring the physical integrity of the capital stock, restricted to twenty percent (20%) of paid-up capital stock; (ii) twenty-five percent (25%) of the adjusted net income as provided for in sections II and III, Article 202 of Law 6,404/76 shall be mandatorily distributed as mandatory minimum dividend to all shareholders; and (iii) the remaining balance, after complying with the provisions contained in previous items of this article, shall have the allocation resolved at the General Shareholders’ Meeting, based on the Board of Directors’ proposal contained in the financial statements. If balance of profit reserves exceeds capital stock, the General Shareholders’ Meeting shall resolve on using the surplus to pay or increase capital stock or on distributing additional dividends to shareholders.

Paragraph 2 - Dividends not claimed within three (3) years, as of resolution on its distribution shall revert to the Company.

Article 27 – By decision of the Board of Directors, the Company may declare dividends: (i) to the profit account verified in half-yearly balance sheets; (ii) to the account of profits verified in quarterly balance sheets, as long as total dividends paid each half year do not exceed the amount of capital reserves referred to in Paragraph 1, Article 182 of Law 6,404/76, or (iii) to the retained earnings account or profit reserve account verified in the last annual or half-yearly balance sheet.

Sole Paragraph – Interim dividends distributed pursuant to this Article shall be attributed to the mandatory minimum dividend.

Article 28 – By resolution of the Board of Directors and observing legal provisions, the Company may pay interest on equity to its shareholders, which may be attributed to the mandatory minimum dividend, subject to the approval of the general shareholders’ meeting.

Click here to download spreadsheet containing the historical data of Dividends and Interest on Capital distribution of Telefônica Brasil.

Updated on April 14, 2020.