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Who We Are

Telefônica Brasil is the largest telecommunications company in the country, with more than 97.2 million accesses, 73.3 million in mobile business, in which it holds the largest market share in the segment (28.4% - data for March/16) in national context, and 23.9 million accesses in the fixed business, according to results of the quarterly earnings (1Q16). Telefônica Brasil provides fixed and mobile telecommunication services throughout the national territory and has a complete and convergent portfolio of products (fixed and mobile voice, fixed and mobile broadband, ultra broadband (Fiber to the Home – FTTH and Fiber to the Curb - FTTC), TV, data and IT).

We closed the quarter (1Q16) with more than 3.5 thousand cities with access to 3G network, exceeding by more than 50% the number of cities covered by the second player under this technology. In addition, we covered 183 cities with access to 4G network. Brazil, where it is present since 1998, is the largest world operation of Telefónica Group in numbers of accesses.

Telefónica Group is one of the largest telecommunication conglomerates in the world, with presence in 21 countries, 321.9 million accesses, approximately 129 thousand employees and revenues of 47.2 billion euros (2015).

Telefônica and Vivo Integration

In 2011, with the acquisition of Vivo, Telefonica has established itself as the largest integrated operator in Brazil, both by numbers of clients, as by revenue, in addition to offer new opportunities to the professionals.

Given the strong presence of Vivo in all Brazilian states, Telefônica´s services now are called Vivo. Telefônica brand will continue with its institutional presence.

For some specific audiences, in order to generate a greater rapprochement between the brands, Telefônica has adopted the transitional brand Telefônica Vivo.

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